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focus of the debate. maybe we'll get answers from obama. maybe he will tell us why he threw hillary clinton and the intelligence group under the bus. will he man up and take responsibility for this? also this evening. city corp. ceo resigns and they all beat. larry, this is the second day we close high on the day. this rally had nothing to do with citigroup. i'll tell you what is behind it in a few moments. round two kicks off. we are two hours away. the second obama debate comes in the race and also very close to barack obama in the key swing states. this is the town hall format. it has proved tricky in the past. of course the topics are going to range from domestic policy and you can expect talk about the attack in libya that has broiled the raise ice in recent. >> why is the white house letting hillary clinton take the blame? >> i take responsibility. 60,000 people all over the world. the president and the vice president wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. clinton saying the buck stops with her. >> harry truman had it right.
the response to the terrorist attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi. cnbc's own john harwood has the latest. good evening, john. >> good evening, larry. mitt romney tried to build on his successful debate last week by talking foreign policy today and attacking president obama as simply not someone leading. >> i know the president hopes for a safer, freer, and more prosperous middle east allied with us. i share this hope. hope is not a strategy. >> we don't know if that line is going to work, but we know from new polls out today he's made significant headway since the debate. puts a lot of pressure on the vice presidential debate later this week. we'll talk about it at athe bottom of the hour. >> we will see you later on that very topic. also this evening, one battleground state, michigan, will vote on a state constitutional amendment to allowing collective bargaining, unlimited wage increases, and unchecked union power. michigan's governor rick snyder says how it will disrupt his state. they paid hundreds of thousands to a chicago consulting firm for training sessions where employees chant
to tell you why it could well be a buying opportunity. but right now cnbc's only courtney reagan joins us with the details. good evening, courtney. >> good evening, larry. it's nice to be here with you tonight. now, today was the worst day for equities in nearly four months. a little leery on this 25th anniversary of black monday, is it not? all major s&p 500 sectors closing out trade in the red, with technology the biggest loser. the nasdaq suffering the worst of the major averages. the tech wreck of sorts made it shed 2.2% just today. now, 458 of the stocks in the s&p 500 ending the day in the red as both the benchmark index and the dow break below their 50-day moving averages. the reason for all the negative pull on the street, earnings. mostly at least. disappointing earnings and commentary from a number of blue chips. mcdonald's says sales losing momentum worldwide. microsoft missing expectations. and economic bellwether ge posting below consensus revenue. chip stocks getting wrecked. marvel getting a number of downgrades today after lowering revenue guidance, down more than 14%. als
presidency, in my view, would give us one of the great stock market booms in the history. absent that, if we get obama and we get the multitrillion-dollar deficit, the u.s. bond market blows up and takes the stock market with us. >> fair enough. i agree with that. but i've already called the election for romney. at least 52-48. as long as obama dent get past 48%, he's toast. and romney's going to win. but mike holland, financial conditions are easy, maybe too easy in this country. but the united states, europe and china, financial conditions are easy and getting easier. the world economy -- i know the imf said we're having a planetary slowdown. i don't know why that's any news. we already knew that. but i don't think we're having a planetary recession, mike holland. i think that's the thing that's yesterday's story or four years ago. so right now, go ahead, take some profits off the table. that's all i see going on here. take some profits off the table. get ready to come right back in and buy them. >> i think, larry, we are looking at new highs by the end of the year in the u.s. stock market
of the debate. joining us now from the debate site, ace reporter cnbc contributor robert costa, "national review." robert, what is team romney telling you about tonight? >> reporter: team romney is very optimistic about tonight, but they know it will be a break-even debate. this is president obama's best subject, foreign policy, romney is a governor and businessman, not his wheelhouse, but he's been well prepared for this debate and expect him to come out firing at the president's record, especially on libya. >> okay. let's pursue that. is he going to go right after benghazigate, go right after it picking up where he left off in the last debate? >> well, as you remember, larry, the romney campaign feels during the town hall romney didn't have a great answer on libya so they spent the last week on libya going hour by hour in how the administration failed to react to that tragedy in benghazi. >> hour by hour, is that what you're saying, heavy stuff hour by hour? >> romney wants to critique what happened in libya and of the administration's entire record and wants to use libya as something indicati
to respond to senator simpson. and newt gingrich is going to handicap the whole debate for us live. i'm larry kudlow. "the kudlow report" just moments away. >> after the bell, amd blows up. what else is new? i like to say there's always a market somewhere. i promise to find it for you right here at "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow. larry, what are you looking at tonight? >> all right, jimmy. you are looking at center college in beautiful downtown danville, kentucky. it's the site of the only vice presidential debate between joe biden and republican nominee paul ryan. good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." with mitt romney's resounding victory last week and his continuing victory the week after the debate and the fact that he is not rolling in momentum in the polls, the whole race has changed. barack obama was casing big bird for a week. he fell right into a trap, and that's why, folks, i venture this veep debate tonight could be far more significant than usual, and team obama is leaving it up to uncle joe biden to make their comeback. oh
'easter and be a massive storm with massive impacts across the northeastern and mid-atlantic parts of the u.s. i'll have the story from the weather channel in just a few minutes. >> all right thanks very much. but first up, the cia is denying a report that it refused to help its operatives on the ground the night of the benghazi attack. cnbc eamon javers has more on this one. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the cia is pushing back aggressively against these media reports. let me bring you what the cia is saying this evening. they say we can say with confident that the agency reacted quickly to aide our colleagues during that terrible evening in benghazi. moreover no one at any level in the cia told anybody not to help those in need. claims to the contrary is inaccurate. he went on say how many officer on the ground fared that evening. the cia pushing back make it clear that the agency didn't tell anyone who was involved in that attack on that compound not to go to the aid of their comrades. >> one quick question. does that leave the door open, the way that cia response was written, that some hi
in it's wake. >> the death toll in the us has climbed to at least 4018 in new york city alone. 8 million customers and counting in the mid atlantic region without power tonight. two feet of snow in parts of maryland and west virginia. the stock markets will be open for business tomorrow after being closed for the past two days. president obama will be looking at the devastation with dpgoverr chris christy in new jersey. let's get to todd gross tonight who is tracking the storm over the new york east. >> reporter: you may not believe this. sandy won't quit. if you look right here, there is a new belt of showers and thunderstorms that have formed. gusty storms that are affecting that wart of the country. even the north eastern united states on the coast line is in part of the storm. right in through chicago coming in through the great lakes that is where the winds are funneling in from the north. same winds edge of the storm that moved in on the coast line. that is number two. and three of course, we have a lot of air play in through here. let's zero in on west virginia. it is not only sno
i'm watching apple and apple acts horribly. i was on the -- i use the new apps this of the woods, as long as apple is going down, we can't sustain a rally. i'm jim cramer, see you tomorrow. hey, larry, what are you looking at? >>> stocks jumped 78 points because imf manufactures says no recession. we're starting something new on the kudlow report tonight, for the next 30-plus days, every day until the election day, we're going to bring the kudlow caucus together, they're the best minds in business and politics and tonight all cnbc contributors. our top story this evening, just two days until the first debate. romney is totally debate fit in my opinion. he is in fighting shach after demolishing ten opponents in 20 debates. mr. obama on the other hand, he's a bit doughy, i don't think he's in shape for this. and by the way, just minutes ago, north korea accused the united states of plotting to attack it as a steppingstone to dominate asia and has used the word nuclear war. well, how does president obama plan on handling these nut jobs? let me tell you that wednesday's debate, romne
the crowd. ryan focused mainly on the economy but also accused the president of using a sea of negativity. >> president obama is not telling you what his second temple plan would be. >> he's not saying that he would do anything new. all he's offering is four more years of the same. >> robert costa, this is interesting, ryan attacking obama. is this going to be a big theme in the last 18, 19 days? >> it definitely will be, larry. talking to romney advisors, this is their closing strategy. coming out of the first two presidential debates they see a big opening on polity and on vision. if it turns out that the president doesn't have a good vision for -- >> it's partly a referendum on the economy and it's pointing out what romney's plan is, 20% across the board tax cut, but what romney's doing now is that the president could earn on rom hi he he he doesn't have a tax plan, romney wants to point out out to the voters. >> obama does have a tax plan, he wants to raise taxes on small business owners, raise taxes on business and raise taxes on entrepreneurs and raise taxes. >> the obama job plan i
and the evening broadcast this is evening to use pictures from last night's debate again and again. president barack obama, however, had two rallies including one in denver, colorado where he had sort of a chance to do a do-over from last night. take a listen. >> when i got onto the stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. but it couldn't have been mitt romney, because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. the fellow on stage last night said he didn't know anything about that. >> now larry, mitt romney is speaking this evening in virginia. we'll see both candidates in virginia and ohio over the next 24 hours. that will give viewers on television a chance to decide whether that was the real mitt romney last night or it was the real barack obama at the debate, larry. >> all right. many thanks, we appreciate it. >>> so mitt romney outhustled, outfacted, outenergized and outinformed president obama. msnbc's chris matthews, an old pal of mine, completely went off the rails. t
and just accused of administration of mismanagement and i don't know if he used the word cover up and he said you guys have done everything wrong, to me, that hot topic which is increasingly important in this presidential race, that blew biden up, and that gave the win to ryan who held on for the rest of the hour. what about benghazi and what about biden's lies and falsehoods about benghazi last night? >> joe biden at least got the story in the front page of the new york times who had been burying the story and that's something and i think you're right and that will be a big problem for the obama ticket going forward. the president will have to do clean-up work on tuesday at a time that he wants to be on the offensive. there are two problems here and one is that we left those people vulnerable and we left those people to die. the international red cross moved out and the europeans had moved out. we took the marines out at a time that al qaeda was moving in. there's a part from 2012, august, that lays this all out. we knew or we should have known. the second problem, of course is the lack
district. jonathan broke the story and joins us with the details. good evening, what's the latest? >> good evening, the suspect drove a van packed with what he believed were 1,000 pounds of explosives down to lower manhattan outside the federal reserve bank here in lower manhattan and then tried to detonate that device using a cell phone call but the device was inert because the fbi using an undercover operation, was able to provide fake explosives so that no one was ever in me real risk but they say the plot was serious and the suspect traveled from bangladesh on a student visa to try to strike with the u.s. he's identified as quauzi mohammad nafis, transferring to an english as second language school in new york when the not was uncovered. homeland security agents have been following him since at least june of this year. following his every move as he went about buying i am moan yum nitrate. to give you a comparison, the world trade center bombing back in 1993, that was a 1,000 pound bomb where six people were killed and 1,000 were injured and that bomb was set off in a parking garage, n
officials, including the white house situation room, begging for help. nbc's mike viquera takes us through the chain of events. >> a series of e-mails sent from the state department to officials here, sent in real-time as the assault on that compound in benghazi was unfolding, show that the administration was at least aware of claims that terrorist elements were involved in the attack that left ambassador stevens and three other americans dead. it may not have been entirely a result of a spontaneous reaction to that anti-islamic video. i'll read for you the last in the series of e-mails. this is really the crux of it. update to ansar al sharia claims responsibility for benghazi attack. "nbc tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter and has called for an attack on embassy tripoli." remember, this was sent in real time as the assault was just ending, this last e-mail. now, in the days after the assault white house spokesman jay carney insisted that there was no information to suggest that the attack was anything other than an inflamed response to that anti-isla
is an investment, it's not a trade. don't have any apple, maybe use the weakness to buy something. it's an investment, people. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to for the first time mitt romney is tracking at 50% in the newest "washington post"/abc poll of likely voters. romney leads president barack obama 50-47. this is just further evidence why i believe he will sweep the midwest and win this election going away. i'm now predicting a 330 electoral vote landslide. that's right, 330 electoral votes and i'm going to show you why later on. but first up tonight, with elections 12 days away, then the lame duck congress, including the fiscal cliff, we call on leon cooperman, chairman and ceo of omega advisers, one of the 40 businessmen behind the open letter, a critical choice for america advertisement that ran earlier this week in "usa today." lee, thank you for coming on. i appreciate it very much. i have to ask you, you've had a fabulously successful career. this has to be a tricky moment. you have an election in 12 days. you have an unsteady market
. it is underwater now, and they have told us that we could get another five feet of water as the tide comes in. the winds picking up here. this is not the greatest place to be. we are, of course, in the zone "a," the evacuation zone in new york city, and can you definitely see why that is. police have been patrolling back and forth here because there have been a lot of onlookers and they haven't been able to keep out of the park. this is getting to be a serious situation, and we will eventually be moving further and further inland. if you are watching cnbc this morning, i was reporting from around where the railing is there, and the water was ankle deep. that water has now come up, and we're well above the levels that we were during hurricane irene. that was expected as the storm surge now comes in, and as i said the wind picks up, and it's going to get worse as the -- as the evening goes on. all of the bridges now in and out of manhattan closed. the east river and the hudson river as well as the verazzano bridge that connects brooklyn and staten island. manhattan literally is now an island. t
the killer storm called sandy hit the northeast. u.s. death toll is now at least 64. a second new york city hospital, bellevue, has been evacuated because of power and flooding issues. >> lower manhattan still a crippled zone. the markets were able to open today, but there's still flooding damage down there and also very dark streets. >> so in the metropolitan area, the recovery is a struggle. the availability of electricity to run the traffic lights, pump the gasoline, is now prime need. 6.1 million utility customers are still without power. individuals and businesses alike. >> public transportation slowly coming back online. some subway services in the city, some commuter lines in new jersey, westchester, and long island will run tomorrow. >> commuters coming into the city by car must have three people in each car after 6:00 a.m. >> and the airports are opening, but it's difficult to get there. delta, a key operator in the northeast hopes to start flights from laguardia tomorrow. >> the rebuilding does begin, but problems persist. let's get right to our team coverage, starting with scott
. >> that is a good argument. i would argue as you probably suspect. that helped us to get us where we are. we have a bit of recovery in the housing market. but here is the question at hand. should the government get out of the way. you and i are going to agree. absolutely, the government need to wind down it's position otherwise private capitol can't compete with it in that space. private investors continue to show no appetite in that risk. you are going to kill what little recovery we are seeing in the market. >> steve, let me get your take on private label and these short sales and this smaller program. what do you think? should the government get out of the way? >> it should have gotten out of the way years ago. probably 45-50% has recovered half of its value. how about that happen? the over arching thrust has been to keep in place two year defaulted way under water borrowers to subsidize them and thus it has prevented market clearing processes and delayed the recovery. we need to get out of this now. it can work here. mr. bernstein's remarks remind me of those in 2009. after the stimulus we ar
't really bring up in the last debate. >> history tells us obama's always had a cool political temperment. he never gets too hot or too cold. tomorrow, the media will be watching. does he get a little too aggressive? obama was cold in this first debate. tomorrow, important for him to have a little energy. important for him to have balance. if you don't think he will pull an al gore, do you and start walking over to romney to answer a question? >> if he does that, mitt romney should do exactly what george bush did in 2000, a little nod and set the pace. bush did it to gore in 2000 and mitt romney can do the same to obam obama. >> now, let's switch gears and turn to my exclusive sri with charles schwab, thank you very much for coming on, appreciate it. >> i'm a great fan of yours and watch you every night on my treadmill. >> you're wonderful. i appreciate that. i really do. i have been reading your op-ed pieces. you have endorsed mitt romney. please tell us why. >> i think it's such a critical election, a turning point for the country. the last thing i can do is leave my kids hopefully a ch
's chase by accusing the white house of skewing the data to help president obama. earlier on cnbc, u.s. labor secretary fired back with this response. please take a listen. >> these are our best trained and best skilled individuals that have been working in the bls and it's really ludicrous to hear that kind of statement. >> here now is the legendary jack welch, former ge chairman, ceo and great friend of "the kudlow report." it's great to see you. i don't feel like defending obama, i don't feel like defending the labor secretary but i got to tell you, i worked in the white house under reagan, omb, you can't touch those numbers, jack, you can't touch those numbers before they're published. >> larry, look, this election is too important to have it hinge on one number. we got this number of 7.8 today, below where the president came in and we have assumptions. what i wanted to see and there's a real debate about this number. larry, the private sector household number, which is done by calling 50,000 people in the hundred plus million population for workers came in with a number of 873,000
house aide keith boykin. and herman cain tells us what it's like to debate kevin madden. it's all about leadership and leadership means taking control of the conversation. that's just my advice. in an anemic overall economy, we've seen some positives in recent days. the ism services surprised on the up side today, 15 million car sales yesterday and of course stocks have been rising since a year ago today. the s&p is up 32%. so things can't be all that bad. how will the investor class vote in 34 days? but first up, both mitt romney and president obama are in their respective hotel rooms now. they're making final preparations for the big debate and cnbc's own john harwood joins us live with the details. good evening, john. >> good evening, larry. two hours from that debate we've gotten a reminder in the last 24 hours with a slew of polls of how high the stakes are in this debate. we forget sometimes because we talk about how mitt romney is down in the race but he's still got a chance. only down 3 points nationally in the journal/nbc poll. in key swing points he's pulling even in florida,
. maybe not. what is the hint here? us focus was not even down 1%. you saw u.s. companies doing relatively better and this was all from a slowdown in asia and china. the european influence has been getting worse not better. i want to walk through brian kelly's point. ben bernanke, how important is liquidity to the market. let's start there. is it bernanke driving stocks up? i don't mean today we have had almost a 30% rally. i think profits are the issue. all of the qe stuff, it has to follow up with profits. profits have been vulnerable for a while. we are in the swors tworst inve strike. i don't think this is a time to panic. china is still growing. but, although there is a slowing of trade growth, when the vix was below 14% we told people to buy it with both hands. we told people to take provilfi. none of you are rock bottom bears. >> not unless obama get re-elected. it brings in romney and the federal reserve board. i'm going to leave the treasury alone. if romney is elected for president, first of all, glen hubbert, gregory man cue and john taylor, a third distinguished economist, tayl
to the prosperity and the recovery that continues to elude us? >> over the past 30 months we have had an increase in private sector jobs. but that is the direction we are going in. if you remember what happened before that, when the president raised his hand in january of 2009, we were losing 700 no,000 jobs a month. but the fact of the matter is we are going in the right direction now and we should keep doing that. the president supports the position on the creation of jobs and the government can't do everything but it has a responsibility. we have lost public sector jobs and we have laid off a lot of cops, firefighters and teachers. that is not the way to get the economy humming again. >> governor gilmorgilmore. aka governor romney, what is your solution? >> the economy is another serious problem. that is another way of talking about the plight of real people out there. after four years of stewardship, i can say that we are not moving in the right direction. we are picking up 100,000 jobs a month. you have to have 180,000 just to keep pace. we are not in a recovery. growth is under 2% while it
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23